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Squash Showdown took place in Boston’s historic Symphony Orchestra (BSO) Hall in September of 2010. Four World Squash Champions competed against each other on a state-of-the-art glass court in the middle of the BSO

US Open Squash - Boston Symphony Hall


The goal of Squash Showdown was to enhance sponsorship and increase entertainment and engagement of the audience.


Digital displays and large projections set up around the venue were driven by Aerva’s interactive digital signage platform, allowing the audience to participate with their cell phones to send in photos, text messages, SMS votes, and Twitter. A key component included having the audience vote on the Referee’s calls letting them take part in judging the match.

The interactive displays allowed for the audience to have a say in judging the match, sending in their comments as well as photos. The SMS interactivity also entered the user into a raffle which had a prize given out at the end of the night by Ming Tsai a devoted squash player and a celebrated chef.

The main solutions were:

  1. Digital signage on LCD displays around the historic BSO.
  2. Mobile poll for best player.
  3. Mobile voting for audience refereeing.
  4. Picture-to-screen by audience.
  5. Text2Screen chat and
  6. Mobile raffle giveaway.


All of the mobile interactivity apps had very high crowd participation, accomplishing the goal of entertaining and engaging the audience. The results showed tremendous advantage of sponsoring interactivity applications like Mobile poll for best player, Mobile voting for audience refereeing, Picture2screen by audience, Text2Screen chat and Mobile raffle giveaway.