user generated content moderation

One of the biggest obstacles for integrating user generated content (UGC) onto digital displays is the possibility of inappropriate content. In AerWave, users are able to moderate this content to meet with their organization’s standards. Our powerful moderation engine is integrated right beside the other content management tools, so moderation can be done quickly, safely and without hassle.  


user generated content through social media

Adding dynamic, user-generated content campaigns to your display network allows audiences to seamlessly engage by submitting UGC from their mobile device and having it instantly appear on screen. Having driven UGC campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands, Aerva was an early advocate for the power of UGC and our platform is ideally suited to manage it across networks. 


Taco Bell integrates ugc in times square

When Taco Bell wanted to let users post their own photos on the screens of Times Square, they knew that the most important thing would be to make sure that the images were appropriate. Taco Bell utilized Aerva's social moderation tool to manage the incoming photos from multiple sources and assign approvals to appropriate photos, which allowed them to be shown on the screen in Times Square in virtually real-time. The campaign required a fast and effective moderation tool, and with Aerva the campaign when off without a hitch.