Power any digital display

Aerva’s software platform will drive any display regardless of size, brand or type of screen. We are not limited in any capacity when it comes digital screens, which makes us the premiere choice for digital networks that utilize multiple screen formats (i.e. LCD, LED, video wall, 4K, etc.) 


any digital screen hardware

Many digital signage networks incorporate multiple display types. Network managers will often be managing standard LCDs, marquee LED signs, and video walls all from independent software platforms. This can make digital signage content and network management very difficult and time consuming. With AerWave, every digital display type can be managed within the same feature-rich, user interface. This saves content developers and network managers time and energy. 

flexible media player options

When it comes to hardware, Aerva is agnostic. Our Linux-based platform can function across a variety of media players and we're constantly testing new players in our Lab. The players we provide our customers are heavily tested, have been proven in the field over time, and represent a great value for the short- and long-term success of our clients' networks. 


the citi center manageS Various display types with aerva

When the Citi Center in Boston decided to upgrade their digital signage software, they began with a simple question "can we mange all our screens from the same software solution?" They found the solution to their question with Aerva's signage software, which can manage both the marquee LED sign in front, along with the multiple LCD displays that are located throughout the center providing visitor information and outside advertising. Now the Citi Center is able to manage all their digital screens from a single user interface, reducing the time spent managing their digital signage network. 

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