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The paper to digital divide

We are in the midst of a significant change to the landscape of out of home advertising. Paper posters continue to be replaced by large format digital displays at a rapid pace. The first movers have shown that not only does digital work, but that it can provide significant advantages over traditional paper poster products. The key to success is fully utilizing the digital software platform to fully realized ROI. 

Saying 'fully realized ROI'  sounds like a buzz word, and it certainly is, but buzz word or not we know that this is the key to success. We have built relationships with many global media companies and agencies to better understand their business, operation, and sales models so that we can help them profitably made the switch to digital. In the process of helping companies make the jump and realizing strong ROI, we were required to build out a powerful feature set specifically for media and adverting companies. 

Aerva Software Powers Times Square Digital Sign for Taco Bell

Top Software Features for Digital Out of Home Networks


Easily add new digital screens as you network grows in size. 


Optimize your playlists by creating smart schedules that can play content at the right time and place. 


It's easy to run content and player reporting to gain better insights into the network and to show proof of play. 

why do out of home companies choose aerva?

The simple answer to this question is because we listen to the needs and concerns of media and advertising companies, and then go off and build the tools they require. We have developed tools that generate proof of play reporting that can be shown to advertisers, and intelligent day parting features that help media companies better sell advertising. Many of our out of home clients also integrate social media feeds and other dynamic content into their playlists to help engage their audience. At the end of the day, Aerva is the trusted digital signage software platform for Out of Home companies. 

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