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Talking to your employees should not be a challenge, yet it often is. Company-wide emails are often not read and HR announcements go unnoticed so many companies are turning to digital signage to solve their communication challenges. Digital screens are placed in key locations throughout offices and not only display company information, but are also used to show live data feeds. This makes the display a dynamic source of information that employees are turning to multiple times a day. 

AerWave allows corporations to quickly integrate digital signage into their workspaces, while providing a user-friendly platform that anyone can use to manage content. With AerWave, users from various departments can be given access to the display to share information. These employee communication networks are an effective and efficient way to reach employees both locally, and in offices that are scatter across the country or the globe. 

top features for Corporations


Allows for simple deployment and 24/7 back up of network. 


Secured with SSL encryption, while providing firewall friendly players. 


Add RSS, News, Weather, Sports and other live data feeds. 

Why DO corporations choose aerwave?

AerWave powers employee communication networks because its meets the network requirements set forth by IT, while also providing a simple user interface with the ability to integrate live data feeds quickly and easily. Most communication networks use AerWave to do more than display messages to employees, they often integrate live data feeds like news and weather, along with social media to keep their employees informed. 

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