Broad institute - employee communication





In 2010, the Broad Institute, a leading biomedical and genomic research institution affiliated with Harvard University and MIT, needed a digital display solution for communicating to a diverse audience throughout their state-of-the-art facilities in Cambridge, MA. Broad wanted a strategic solution that fostered collaboration, creativity and culture among a varied group of students, fellows, scientists and faculty.



Aerva’s digital engagement platform helps the Broad Institute provide a consistent enterprise-wide brand message, while offering the ability to showcase engaging dynamic and real-time content. Aerva’s platform also enables easy management of their content workflow to monitor and update their screen network – at anytime and from anywhere. Broad uses AerWave, Aerva’s cloud-based software, to manage, schedule and monitor their network’s content. Broad’s engaging, collaboration-oriented content is easily updated through the WYSIWYG interface accessible from any browser.

Researchers, writers, and graphic designers provide updated content frequently. Using Aerva’s suite of interactive widgets – including branded streaming RSS – coupled with up-to-the-minute communications from across the organization, the audience is better aware of institute activities, initiatives and upcoming events. AerWave also allows detailed control of the media players, centralized system updates, and RS232 control through the web for energy conservation.


With Aerva’s system in place, the Broad Institute is better able to concentrate on internal culture-building across is wide range of scientists, experts and staff. The digital screens are located in central, well-trafficked locations throughout the Institute – including the lobbies, team collaboration areas, concourses, and even inside elevators to take advantage of a captive audience. As a result of this cutting-edge display network, Broad’s diverse group of employees are more informed and the institutes’ culture of collaboration and communication is on display throughout the institution.