security for digital screens

We built the AerWave platform to meet the security requirements of some of the most secure networks on the planet. The players, servers/data storage and the transmissions between systems are all secured using industry-standard encryption. The players are also firewall-friendly so the network can be rolled out in any size organization.

Restricted Access Control

AerWave provides role-based and feature-based access control to enable organizations of any size to restrict access to critical operations within their networks.  Enterprise customers can group their displays into separate domains to ensure that the right content is controlled by the right users.


the us navy requires extreme network security

The US Navy is one of the most secure organizations on earth, and so requires everything on its network to provide an extremely high level of security. When the US Navy decided to pursue a digital signage deployment, they knew that any software would need to meet the strict standards of their network protocol. After several years of due diligence, Aerva was award the contract to provide software for their employee communications at naval bases across the country. Our reliability and extreme network security meet the high standards of the Navy and we continue to power their digital networks today.