unlimited users

We understand that network management and content management aren't usually implemented by a single individual, typically there are teams of people who manage digital signage networks. Knowing this fact, we built AerWave to allow for unlimited users, while offering a permissions tool that gives IT network managers the ability to set various levels of features permissions to grant access to multiple users for many various tasks from content management, network management, scheduling, reporting, and many others. 


unlimited users

Every instance of the AerWave software allows for unlimited users, its that simple. 

easily set permission levels

Network managers can quickly add or change the level of access given to individuals working in the system, and since there are unlimited users you never have to worry about how many people can have access to certain tools like content uploading or accessing proof of play reports. 

babson college uses multiple permission levels

Managing a digital signage network on a college campus can be a difficult task as many various departments require access, often delegating certain tasks to students. When Babson College began to evaluate signage software platforms they knew that they needed a software that would offer them the ability to add multiple permission levels so that individual departments and students could manage things like content uploading and playlist creation for display in their network, while limiting access to more secure tools like domain management. 

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