integrate dynamic data feeds

Keeping an audience engaged and giving them a reason to look at your digital screen is critical. With AerWave you are able to integrate live data feeds into your program like news, weather, RSS feeds. Content managers can easily add these features to their screen layout. With AerWave, you can create a digital experience that keeps your audience engaged at all times.



Powerful RSS widgets allow users to incorporate data in this standard web feed format to publish frequently updated information on their display network. RSS feeds can consist of blog entries, news headlines, video and can displayed as cards or tickers adding a constantly evolving audience experience.

dynamic data widgets

Specific dynamic content can be converted into a custom data widgets unique to specific use cases or, in many cases, customers can create their own Aerva widgets. 


HTC takes advantage of dynamic data feeds

HTC needed a solution for integrating social media and user-generated content into their cross-channel marketing campaign for the top-rated HTC One during the holiday season. Using the theme of “beautiful”, the campaign prompted participants to submit their photo through digital and social channels to be shown on a prominent Times Square digital billboard. HTC choose the AerWave platform to mange their dynamic content and widgets.