beats by dre - DOOH Campaign

times square takeover 

Beats by Dre is all about personal expression. With a focus on high-end headphones, the brand offers various styles and colors designed to help consumers express their personalities through their headgear. Whether that’s a color that reflects their favorite sports team, their school or just their mood, Beats by Dre wants to help people express their true selves. Promoting that personal connection with the brand is critical to each marketing campaign


Beats by Dre wanted a Times Square take over to accentuate its branding in a public festival atmosphere. With the world’s biggest stage to work with, Beats by Dre partnered with Aerva to take the personalized images and put them up on three enormous billboards.


Using Aerva’s AerWave platform as well as its Pic2Screen module and moderation engine, Beats by Dre took charge of three Times Square electronic billboards. Twelve panels of the American Eagle billboard and two more giant Clear Channel Spectacolor billboards joined six smaller displays on the ground in Times Square. The brand sent out word and soon had lines of people queuing up to become a celebrity.

Images of engaged consumers, wearing their favorite headphones, personalized with their own messages were then sent into the AerWave platform and moderated by the Aerva team in real time. The moderation engine thoroughly vetted each photo to ensure that it met the brand’s specifications. Photos were then put into the displays and the images began appearing in Times Square within seconds.


The results were staggering. The atmosphere was electrifying in Times Square. It was tremendous boost to the brand. Video of the event shows people gaping in pleasure as their images appear on the screen, then pulling out their phones to capture their face up in lights. The event’s Twitter hashtag #showyourcolor is a stream of images of the event showing how much people wanted to share their new-found celebrity with the world.

“We had people who would come up to the booth, stand in line for a few minutes, but when they went outside and saw their pictures up with Lebron and Lil Wayne, they would stay for 20 minutes to an hour, or come back later with their friends”, said Beats by Dre Senior Marketing Director Tyler Williamson.