HTC - dooh campaign


Consumers Worldwide Submit Over 60,000 Images in a Multi-Faceted Times Square Photo Sweepstakes for a Chance to Win a 24K Gold Plated HTC One®


HTC needed a solution for integrating social media and user-generated content into their cross-channel marketing campaign for the top-rated HTC One during the holiday season. Using the theme of “beautiful”, the campaign prompted participants to submit their photo through digital and social channels to be shown on a prominent Times Square digital billboard. HTC needed a software platform that could aggregate the user-generated content from various social and digital channels, moderate the content, power the digital billboard and seamlessly deliver the digital keepsake photo back to the proper submitter commemorating the experience.


To power this campaign, HTC chose Aerva, a leading cloud-based consumer engagement platform for powering digital screen networks, to provide the back- end integration and execution of this highly successful, global social and digital media campaign.

Working in conjunction with HTC’s media agency, Aerva powered the 11-week campaign with participants ranging from the US, UK, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Over the course of the campaign, users submitted over 60,000 “Beautiful” photos via social media (Twitter, Weibo and WeChat), email and through HTC’s website. Once moderated, approved photos were displayed on a Times Square billboard and posted to, while a digital keepsake (digital image of the consumer’s photo displayed on the billboard) was sent back to the submitter for social sharing and extended the campaign’s reach immensely.

The campaign covered such high-traffic times as the holiday season, including New Year’s Eve, and Super-Bowl festivities in New York City.

“This campaign gave us a very unique and visible way to engage consumers directly while highlighting what we believe is the most beautiful smartphone on the market today,” said Ben Ho, Chief Marketing Officer of HTC.
“Aerva’s platform enabled us to harness consumer enthusiasm for the HTC One across five key markets in an interactive and innovative way.”

Aerva’s reporting and analytics platform allowed HTC to grant prizes based on geography and provided HTC with valuable insight on its customers and the campaign’s activity.