playmixes - restaurant digital signage

Entertainment network

Playmixes SA, a leading provider of music video networks in Mexico, is using Aerva, Inc. digital signage technology to drive 700 screens in 10 cities around Mexico. Playmixes authors playlists of music videos interspersed with advertising in restaurant locations such as Chili’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Bill’s, Mr. Papa Bills, and night clubs locations such as Chocolate City, Loma Linda, Freedom, Ocean Drive, and Skybar.


Playmixes was distributing its expert playlists to its customers weekly by DVD, which became unscalable and the venues were not getting frequent playlist changes. To be able to manage all the content and locations they needed a robust display network system that would allow them to easily create and update playlists via an internet link to venues and managed by multiple music experts.


Aerva’s AerWave digital signage platform allows Playmixes to manage everything via the web. Playmixes uses Aerva’s software-as-a-service (SaaS), all-web-based application using cloud computing backend infrastructure.

AerWave playlist feature allows audio normalization, which automatically adjusts audio levels between music videos, thus making it a great convenience for Playmixes DJs and their venue managers who did not have to adjust the house audio levels. Playlist also gave Playmixes randomized playback of music videos, making it easy to create video shuffles.

Aerva also integrated its MoApp mobile platform with Mexican wireless carriers so mobile and SMS applications can augment music video playback.


With Aerva’s system in place, Playmixes is now able to concentrate on creating great content and managing their scalable network. Putting beautiful playlists of music videos and updating them to 700+ locations became fast and easy, thus reducing disk-jockey hours. Thanks to Aerva’s platform, Playmixes is signing up ever more restaurants and nightclub chains and it is augmenting its existing service revenue with ads revenue and mobile interactivity revenue from some of the largest global brands.