Fountain square - dooh signage

digital out of home

In 2006, Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) installed a 42′ x 28′ outdoor LED display, a critical element of the $42 million revitalization effort that was completed in October 2006. Aerva’s software platform was picked by Fountain Square LLC, charged by 3CDC to run the LED board.



Allow Fountain Square to be integral part ofCincinnati rejuvenation and modernization.


AerWave digital signage system manages the board 24x7x365 since installation in October 2006. The powerful AerWave software also manages timings of ads, UGC and call-to-action as well as management of TV insertion by Aerva software using RS232 to control an external TV hardware. During special events where Text2Screen or Pic2Screen widgets are used, Aerva moderation Web Interface allows Fountain Square staff to approve or reject text messages and images. The network management and application management is hosted in Aerva cloud so Fountain Square can keep its server resources to a minimum.


There is now a greater participation of viewers and pedestrians in downtown Cincinnati as result of the LED board. In addition, there are more sponsors and advertisers for incremental revenue to Fountain.

“Aerva provided us with the most powerful, flexible, and simplest to use solution available in the market. We are able to customize the use of the LED board to the multitude of events and programs that are slated for the Square. The LED board has become a landmark destination and serves as the showcase for the activities of our organization” said Fountain Square Management LLC, Managing Director, Bill Donabedian