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Getting a visitor inside your store is only the first step to engaging with them. In-store strategies for customer engagement have many goals from driving purchase decisions to engaging with consumers, but whatever the strategy we are beginning to see digital signage programs as a critical aspect of this strategy. With new tools, retailers have the added benefit of being able to quantifiably track uptick and ROI based on their digital signage deployment and content strategy. 

Aerva powers digital retail networks for major brands who not only want to promote products, but also want to engage with their consumers via social media, mobile interactivity and dynamic content based on time of day. AerWave provides the feature set to realize ROI on retail digital signage deployments with the added benefit of increasing consumer-brand interactions. 

Anheuser-Busch Digital Retail Network at 2,000 C-Stores throughout United States
BP Digital Signage Network powerd by Aerva

top aerwave features for digital retail networks


Optimize your playlists by creating smart schedules that can play content at the right time and place. 


Control LCDs and LED screens from the same place, making network management even easier.


Easily add new digital screens as you network grows in size. 

why do retailers choose Aerva? 

Aerva's software platform balances security and scalability to deliver a solution that can work safely on any IT network, while also allowing central management of digital displays located across the globe. The AerWave balanced solution gives content managers and marketers the tools to work together to drive in-store purchase behavior and engage with store visitors.  

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