Maybelline - dooh campaign

digital out of home - event

The Maybelline NY campaign, carried out by Russian interactive agency Grape, kicked off with a Times Square takeover event on April 2nd. and will continue through April 15. During this time, ordinary girls are invited to submit their photos, to get featured on the billboard in Times Square, be voted for by New Yorkers, and win a trip to NY

Girls may upload photos or take them with a webcam, through a dedicated Facebook app, and an app in the top popular local Russian social network ( The photos are then turned into a short personal video presentation that gets featured on the billboard.

Starting from the takeover event, passersby in Times Square can vote for girls through the website, to help them win the free New York trip.

To boost participation during the event, promoters provided by Brand Marketers, were encouraging passersby to vote for the girls ‘right here right now’. Another booster of engagement was the live HD cam from ClearChannel Spectacolor, the billboard owner, that instantly attracted the crowd to cheer for the girls from Russia in front of the billboard.

In addition to being broadcast live onto the billboard (which served as the most intuitive attention trigger), people from the square were seen by participants from Russia, who have a chance to track what’s happening on the billboard live 24/7 through a livestream video, provided by Boston-based digital out-of-home technology company Aerva.

After the launch, through April 15th, regularly updated videos of the girls are appearing on the billboard every hour 24/7 through April 15. At the end of the campaign, the winner of the voting will go to New York, and the story will be continued…