tools for content managers

Aerva delivers the tools to manage digital screens in a beautifully designed and intuitive user interface. We have integrated features and functionality that reduce the time network managers and content creators need to spend living in the software. We have also built out a back-end infrastructure that gives you the ability to manage every digital screen on your network from a single user interface, from any browser, anywhere in the world. The power of your digital network can now exist on your desk, in your lap, or in your pocket - all with full functionality and access to every tool necessary. 


Manage Content from any device

browser-based means full functionality from any device


Manage your digital signage network from any location and from any browser. No longer are you locked down by specific applications that only run on certain operating systems or desktop computers. We believe that the future of the workplace exists in the palm of your hands, no matter where in the world your hands may be. 

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Design without limits

don't limit yourself with pre-defined templates


We believe that the best digital signage deployments are those which allow the designers to fully realize their vision. AerWave allows for 100% customizable layouts so your organization can present content and data as you see fit. Flexible layouts give individuals the capacity to show their creativity and better engage the target audience without limiting pre-defined layouts. 

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quickly add dynamic data feeds

include news, weather, rss and other feeds into your program


With AerWave you are able to integrate live data feeds into your program like news, weather, RSS feeds. Content managers can easily add these features to their screen layout. With AerWave, you can create a digital experience that keeps your audience engaged at all times.

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create the way you view

wysiwyg editor makes content creation fast & simple


Software is only powerful if it can be used in a meaningful way by individuals. Knowing that content and program management is not always performed by trained designers, we built  AerWave with clean a "What You See Is What You Get" work flow, so that anyone can manage the digital network or develop playlists and programs. 

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Integrate and moderate social feeds

bring the power of social media to your digital signage


Let's be honest, social media is a part of our daily lives. This is why we created social widgets that can be linked to any social account and be displayed on the digital screen. If you are worried about inappropriate content, you have the ability to moderate all social posts before they are displayed. 

Social Media  |  UGC Moderation


Any Content

videos, images, social feeds are all ready to go


In the digital age, it's critical to be able to support various content types, data feeds, and social feeds. This provides a deep level of customization for signage programs, while also providing usability when dealing with multiple content formats. This is just another example of how AerWave was designed for individuals that work in the platform on a daily basis. 


schedule, daypart & plan

advanced control over playlists, content & Programs


Scheduling playlists has never been easier. Drag and drop playlists into the AerWave calendar tool where you can day-part content, set expiration dates and plan your entire content deployment from one place. Individuals can also take advantage of powerful rules to control content specifics like setting maximum play count or limiting competitors content playing next to each other with various exceptions and customizations. 

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