You've already built a great brand and have assets ready to go. Enhance your brand by showing your content from other channels across your digital screens. AerWave makes it simple to use your content on your display network. We support all the common types of media such as .png, .jpg, .mp4 and many more, making it easy to upload and get started.


mix and match media

Have some brand videos that you want to run next to images and then switch to a full screen layout of a social media wall? With AerWave, you can mix and match media types as well as create your own layout. Begin with one of our templates or easily customize it yourself.


Aerva allows brands and marketers to easily and effectively leverage the media content already created across other media channels (digital, mobile, broadcast, social, POS, etc.) and display it in-store, out-of-home, or enterprise-wide. Aerva’s platform helps marketers deliver Omnichannel solutions that consistently engage consumers and audiences.

fairfield university integrates multiple content types

When Fairfield University began looking for digital signage software platforms, they knew that choosing a platform that could accept multiple content types was important. The university had videos, images, RSS, social feeds and other types of dynamic data that they planned to integrate onto their displays. Aerva's AerWave signage software platform was able to accept all the data formats that Fairfield needed to integrate into their signage network, making content management much more efficient.