Fairfield University digital signage

campus digital signage network



Fairfield University wanted a better way to communicate with their students. They needed a quick, efficient, and attention-grabbing system to reach 4,000+ students, staff and visitors across their 200-acre Connecticut campus. Previously, Fairfield’s method of information distribution was less effective and non-cohesive. With posters being expensive and time-intensive and emails going unread, students required a more effective way to receive information from the university. Some students weren’t receiving the information in a timely fashion, if they received it at all. Compounding the issue, printed materials took up an excess of time and resources, not to mention were counter to the school’s mission to become more environmentally “green.”


Aerva, a leading software platform for managing and delivering content and experiences across digital media platforms, allowed Fairfield to update students and engage with them by incorporating mobile, dynamic and social content. Because Aerva’s platform is accessed through a web browser, content is easy to set up, manage and monitor with just a few clicks. With AerWave, Fairfield was able to structure rights and permissioning of screens across campus properly to allow the appropriate staff access and management of their department’s content.

Casey Timmeny, the Director of the Media Center at Fairfield, identified the cloud-based platform as a major reason for choosing Aerva.

“AerWave’s cloud management software, with the ability to share and customize content on each signage device, was a huge selling point. AerWave allowed Fairfield to design a templated program that prominently highlighted campus-wide messaging while still promoting departmental activities, weather updates, Twitter feeds and more,” he said.

Additionally, the ability to create domains for different buildings and even rooms, as well as the platform’s intuitive interface, drove Fairfield to choose Aerva.

“The customization by location and ease of use has encouraged buy-in and content creation across campus,” Timmeny said.


Having a uniform system across the campus has greatly increased Fairfield’s ability to efficiently craft and distribute messages through public spaces. Aerva’s cloud-based platform has become a valuable communication channel for university officials, staff and students.

“Aerva’s digital signage solution has greatly enhanced Fairfield’s ability to effectively communicate in public spaces on campus.  Contributing departments can quickly craft, modify and share targeted messaging while greatly reducing the cost, time and waste associated with printed materials.  The ability to share information using a consistent look and feel throughout our facilities strengthens our University identity, and lends sophistication and energy to our common areas. “ -Jennifer Anderson, Associate VP of Marketing and Communications at Fairfield University

Fairfield has been able to drive student engagement more than ever before since they started using Aerva … and, their students have made great use of the digital signage.

“Fairfield’s digital signage is primarily used to drive student engagement, and in that sense, it has been very successful,” Timmeny said. “Our campus center alone has seven signage units so that student clubs and departments are able to effectively promote their events.”

AerWave is powering 16 digital signage monitors throughout the campus as well as a stunning video wall in Fairfield’s Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts.