Cloud-based signage software

We have always believed in the power of the cloud. From our inception, we knew that building our platform in the fully-virtualized "cloud" would allow the AerWave signage platform the flexibility to scale to any size network, offer back-up reliability, and allow for complete network management of all digital screens from a central user interface. Our insistence on building in the cloud from the beginning has lead us to become a globally recognized software company that offers a unique solution to digital signage content management. We still believe in the power of the cloud even today. 


any network size

When building our first instance of AerWave, we understood that the platform would need to be flexible enough to support networks of 1 screen all the way up to over 100,000 screens. The only way to cost efficiently do this was by developing a solution that lives in the cloud and offers virtually infinite flexibility and scalability for digital signage networks. This feature is a huge advantage for digital networks that will grow over time as they slowly add more screens to their network, needing to do so in a cost effective and simple manner. 

24/7 back-up and simple upgradability

The cloud gives us the ability to offer even more superior back up of your data, programs, and content. The fully virtualized infrastructure is backed up on multiple server instances, so you know that your information is safe from any major server crashes or hacking. With the cloud server we are also able to seamlessly upgrade players and devices to the latest version of software or to make bug or reliability issue updates on the fly on a network-wide basis. This relieves network managers from the burden of software upgrades for each of their digital screen endpoints. 


sports club/la needed a cloud solution

When the Sports Club/LA decided to replace its paper-based marketing with a digital signage solution they required a solution that could control all the displays in their various locations from a single user interface while also being able to grow over time as the added more locations in other cities. The AerWave cloud based signage software was the right choice for their locations as they were spread across multiple cities in the US, but needed to be managed and updated from a central location. Because the software is cloud based, Sports Club/LA was able to better engage with their audience and better control the messaging at all of their locations.