ogilvy - event digital signage

event based custom software


Ogilvy wanted to demo the state-of-the-art to launch the Ogilvy New Media Lab and make the day memorable to the savvy, senior media and brands representatives. The Ogilvy team really wanted the audience to use their mobile handsets and participate via their social media networks and show how well-integrated even a day-long corporate event could be orchestrated.


Within two weeks of planning with the Ogilvy Media Lab team, and Ogilvy’s creative team, Aerva prepared the Programs for the day that was going to be on the main display in the conference theatre.

From the start, the conference organizers announced that the audience could participate using their phones, laptops and cameras. Aerva’s AerWave digital signage platform was used to integrate Ogilvy’s creative assets and logos to create a seamless Ogilvy branding and presentation.

Aerva Widgets that rounded out the interactive elements were the Twitter widget, Poll2Screen, Txt2Screen, Pic2Screen and mobile raffle. The Twitter widget offered active participation from the audience as well as others on the web. Many of the presenters questions and polls to the audience were updated real-time by the Poll2Screen widget and the presenters were referring to the results and responding in real-time.

Many Questions came from the audience and the people offsite came as texts to the Txt2Screen application running simultaneous on part of the main screen. The official photographer as well as users were also able to send in their pictures which were shown on the main screen during breaks offering a real-time and entertaining aspects during breaks. Both Txt2Screen and Pic2Screen were moderated by an Ogilvy Lab staff that had access to the browser-based moderation engine.

The raffle and giveaways were also done using the raffle feature of the mobile interactivity.


Ogilvy was able to attest to a very engaged audience that participated actively to the myriads of new media applications because it was easy and it was available right from their handsets.