tools for network managers

At Aerva, we understand that for any digital signage deployment to be successful the software platform must meet all the requirements of the IT network and infrastructure. We built AerWave to meet and exceed those IT requirements, while also believing that form and function need to go hand in hand. Our goal was to develop a signage software platform that would be easy to use, yet deliver the necessary back end control and infrastructure that large organizations demand. If the product cannot be used within every organizations IT structure, than we have not done our jobs. Because of this mentality, we have been lucky to work with some of the largest organizations on Earth, and on some of the most secure screen locations in major cities. 


built to scale

built in the cloud to allow for unlimited scale

We believe in the power of the cloud. From early on we knew that the cloud would provide the flexibility for digital screen networks that could grow over time and also the ability to control all screens from a central location. With this approach we are able to provide network operators the ability to quickly scale and grow their network. 

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network set up without complexity

fully virtualized cloud-based infrastructure


Aerva takes care of all server hosting and network management through a virtualized cloud computing infrastructure. We can work with any network configuration and can manage an unlimited number of digital screens all with 24/7 back-up of data. 

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Choose Hardware without constraints

hardware agnostic, so you can choose what's best


As software people, we understand that we must work well with all hardware platforms. AerWave is designed to be hardware agnostic so that we can run on small form factor PCs up to rack mount appliances. We are flexible so that you don't have to compromise. 

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deep encryption

industry standard encryption


From small to large networks, security is always a critical concern for every organization. We understand that any small breach can be a significant issue, so we have built our back-end to include a deep level of encryption using the most recent industry standards and additional network settings to keep your network safe.

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foster collaboration

unlimited users and permission levels


No need to worry about how many people can share a single license, with AerWave you can grant an unlimited number of users access to the software and set custom parameters as to what they are able to see, control, and manage. This allows many more people to collaborate on digital signage projects and can give different departments control of specific sets of displays.

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control hardware through software

monitor and control digital screens through aerwave


You can now turn on/off displays in your network and monitor their health through RS232. This advanced feature allows the network operator to have more hands on control of every display within the digital signage network, helping to make network management that much more simple.  

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real-time player screenshots

know what the player is playing at any moment


Understanding what is happening in the network at all times is critically important for any digital signage deployment. We make it easy to know how your digital displays are performing by giving access to live player screen shots and player uptime reports - helping you stay on top of everything from a single user interface. 

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intelligent reporting tools

develop reports that your customers and management require


Whether you need audit trails for what content played where and when, or you need mobile activity reports and picture upload results from our widgets, AerWave's powerful web-based reporting capability can give you the information you need.

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