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How you communicate your message is important, yet it continues to become increasingly difficult to keep up the communication channels to students, visitors and employees. You can no longer assume that your audience will read the email you send, look at your website, or follow you on social media, so universities and businesses are turning to digital signage to power their student, employee, and visitor communication.  

Aerva's software platform will seamlessly control every digital sign on a campus from a single user interface, making network and content management less of a burden. Permission levels allow organizations to grant various levels of access to departments or individuals who are responsible for either different tasks (scheduling vs. networking) or will control displays in certain departments or buildings. IT staff can be confident that Aerva's cloud-based infrastructure will integrate with the existing network protocols and live harmoniously on any network configuration. 

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top features for campuses


Add RSS, News, Weather, Sports and other live data feeds.


Easily add new digital screens as you network grows in size. 


Add as many users as needed & set permission levels for those users.  


why campuses choose aerva?


College and university campuses rely on Aerva to power their digital signage networks across the campus. They love that AerWave can bring their scattered digital screens under control management from a central user interface. Universities also utilize AerWaves built-in widgets that enable them to engage the student population through social media and mobile devices. And since most of the digital screens are located within different buildings and department, the IT staff is able to create various levels of permissions to give a hierarchy of control of things like content creation, scheduling, and social integrations to department heads, teachers, and students. 

corporate & medical

Corporations and Medical Facilities are using Aerva to power their employee and visitor communication digital screen networks. They are using these networks to provide relevant information and alerts, while also integrating real-time dynamic data feeds like weather, traffic, and RSS to keep employees and visitors engaged with the signage on a regular basis. Since AerWave is cloud-based, it allows organizations with campuses or offices across the country or world to managed all of their digital screens from a single user interface, limiting the amount of time needed to distribute pertinent information. 

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