From the beginning, we understood the importance of developing a software that could quickly and easily scale as digital signage networks grow. AerWave offers network managers the ability to add additional digital end points to their current network without any significant costs or complexity.



Aerva networks are driven directly from the cloud so expanding your network is easy and can be done incrementally or in waves. Just give the media player internet access and you’re ready to go. 

Ideal for it managers

AerWave adapts easily to changes in the network, which helps reduce the burden on IT managers when they decide to update or add to their digital signage network. 


anheuser-busch cares about scalability

We began working with Anheuser-Busch several years ago to help them engage their audience in out-of-home settings like the C-Stores and stadiums. They knew they needed a platform that would allow them to easily increase the network size if the program was a success. They chose Aerva's cloud-based platform for their in-store digital experience because they felt confident that Aerva allows them to efficiently scale their digital endpoints as needed.