Boston convention center

Convention Center digital signage 

Boston’s largest convention center selects Aerva to drive their diverse network of digital displays. Aerva’s content management platform, AerWave, praised for flexibility, scalability and user-experience allowing MCCA’s team to manage complex programs across 60-plus indoor and outdoor screens

Boston Convention Center Aerva Digital Signage

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) uses Aerva’s digital content management platform to manage their entire network of digital signage at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and the Hynes Convention Center.

Following a competitive review, Aerva’s platform stood out for its versatility and ability to drive dynamic, real-time content to any type of screen. MCCA’s state-of-art digital signage network consists of a variety of screens – including indoor LCDs, outdoor large format LEDs and a giant video wall – and spans multiple locations.

MCCA also requires a platform that allows their internal team, Signature Boston, to manage, schedule, and monitor multiple events and advertising programs across numerous locations using any browser. Signature Boston uses Aerva’s suite of dynamic data Widgets to incorporate real-time data feeds across their facilities.

Aerva’s cloud-based AerWave Enterprise platform is a perfect fit for MCCA’s demanding content management requirements and empowers their team to structure programs for various clients, advertisers, event managers, and locations based on a fast-paced and fluid event-based schedule. Using AerWave, MCCA serves location-specific and day-parted content to the right audience of convention attendees, employees and consumers.

MCCA’s iconic Marque, located at the BCEC’s front entrance, is one of Boston’s premier outdoor digital displays serving media advertising from both clients and external advertisers. The BCEC and Hynes Convention Center digital signage network consists of numerous facility-wide LCD screens, large format LED Marque and Video Wall, along with a back-of-house Employee Communications network.  

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