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Get Schooled, Taco Bell Foundation for Teens & Viacom shine the spotlight on students OMG Girlz, Nat Wolff and Diggy Simmons among current high school graduates recognized in Times Square.

On June 12, high school students from around the country will be showcased via Aerva Pic2Screen on a digital billboard in Times Square — the world’s busiest intersection — to raise a spotlight on hard-working American high school students. The students hail from 44 states and many are the first in their family to graduate. Among those highlighted are Get Schooled celebrity ambassadors Nat Wolff, Diggy Simmons, and the OMG Girlz, all of whom earned their high school diplomas this year.

The #TimesSquareYearbook is sponsored by the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, Viacom and Get Schooled. #TimesSquareYearbook Event Partners are Go West Creative and Aerva.

“We often celebrate the effort and accomplishments of the nation’s best athletes, musicians and actors. Today, we are celebrating the hard work of America’s students,” said Marie Groark, executive director of Get Schooled. “Get Schooled is proud to join the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens and Viacom in putting the spotlight on the young people who will determine America’s future path.”