puget sound orthopaedics

Medical digital signage networks


Puget Sound Orthopaedics runs three busy clinics across a region. Their 27 providers are constantly shuffling between facilities, and patients were constantly asking, “Is doctor so-and-so here today?” It was gumming up the system. The practice needed a more efficient way to convey provider information without taking precious time away from administrative staff.


PSO took a page from hospitals, which often use digital displays to convey real-time information. The practice installed digital displays in each clinic waiting room and worked with Aerva to design a visually appealing “message board” indicating which providers are in-house on a given day. The network of signs runs on Aerva’s cloud-based platform, which clinic staff can access from any web browser.


Aerva’s intuitive web interface allows office coordinator Amy Isaksen to make instant changes to the roster in any clinic no matter where she is. That’s a big benefit, because Amy is always on the road. “I can be anywhere in the world and just jump online to change the schedule in a few minutes,” she says. “It saves time and frustration for staff, who are now able to direct patients to the screens. It’s helped with patient flow a lot.”

The digital signs also feature real-time feeds displaying the time, date, and weather. They’ve proved popular with patients, who are happy to see a shorter check-in process and reduced waiting times. Amy is authorizing other staff members to use the network, so she can delegate updates.
What’s next? Video. The practice plans to film short video bios of each provider and run them on a rotating schedule across the bottom half of the displays. It’s a finishing touch that will enhance the clinic’s personality-based brand and put it ahead of the competition. And with Aerva’s playlist scheduler, playing the right videos of in-house providers at the right time will be a snap.