software with a purpose

Our content management software was designed with a simple purpose; to power digital screen networks of all sizes from anywhere in the world. In our effort to attain this goal, we spent time to understand the stakeholders and sought to build a platform that would meet their requirements and exceed their needs. Our guiding principles were developed to help us stay focused on achieving our purpose and they still guide our design and development process for every new feature, product release and widget created.


The Aerva philosophy

Aerva has always understood the importance for form and function to go hand in hand. We believe that if a product cannot be used in a meaningful way by the individual then it does not matter how vast the functionality is. We are focused on developing products, features and support functionality designed for the individual to use with ease, yet built with a back-end infrastructure and feature-set that meets the requirements of any organization.

Aerva was built on the premise that we must be flexible and adaptive to keep up with technological changes and to quickly accept customer feedback that makes our products and services better. This flexible and adaptive nature is at the core of our organization and can be found in the day to day culture of Aerva and how our employees work.

We are guided by these simple tenants and although they are small in number and simple, they are very difficult to execute. When done properly they result in a powerful solution for our customers.

guiding principles

Ever since the idea for Aerva was conceived, we have lived by the deep understanding that functionality does not matter unless the program can be used in a meaningful way by individuals. In order achieve a balance between form and function we must first develop a software that is reliable, secure, and has the ability for unlimited scale. These principles guide our team as we develop software that is intuitive and user-friendly for the individual, while also providing the robust, secure, back-end infrastructure that major organizations require for their networks.

our history

The original concept for Aerva evolved at the MIT Media Lab where its founder, Sanjay Manandhar took to heart the Media Lab’s mission to "radically improve the way people live, learn, express themselves, work and play." While there Sanjay began assembling a team that would build a platform to control any digital end point from any internet browser. Aerva grew as a self-funded software company for over 10 years and in July 2015, Aerva was acquired and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Watchfire Signs, a leading LED sign manufacturer headquartered in Danville, Illinois. Aerva continues to act independently and operate as a division of Watchfire Signs.

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