Kodak - dooh campaign

digital out of home

Aerva’s technology runs the Kodak Times Square interactive billboard with their ongoing campaign that lets anyone send a photo and trigger it to bring it up on the billboard or send in a 1 minute video from Facebook (for the Kodak New York Minute campaign)


Kodak’s strategy was to engage users in Times Square and make them aware of the Kodak brand vis-a-vis DOOH, mobile and social media (in particular Facebook).


Users crave interactivity, and Aerva has integrated mobile interactivity and social media in Kodak’s campaigns, bringing the consumer a fun and unique experience.

The implementation was to get users actively involved by giving them the ability to trigger their own participation in the “So Kodak” campaign, which was executed using Aerva’s Pic2Screen widget which was running 24x7x365.  AerWave digital signage engine managed timings of ads, UGC and call-to-action. Aerva managed all user-submitted images via email and Kodak-submitted images directly from Kodak image servers for the Pic2Screen application and also managed the video submissions from Facebook for New York Minute video submission NYM Campaign leading up to New Year’s eve 2010.

Since any high-profile display must has strict guidelines of appropriate content, Aerva’s Photo Moderation Web Interface is made available to Kodak to approve or reject images, videos and other UGC. Aerva also accepted and sent back acknowledgement to users via SMS shortcodes and longcodes, when user triggers were part of the campaign. In the background, Aerva’s Network management and application management in the Aerva cloud kept the system running 24x7x365.


The Kodak digital billboard has been highly engaging to users onsite and on the web. Since Times Square is a “must-see” destination people from all world have sent in images and trigger their upoad when in NYC. This has been invaluable brand building for Kodak.There have also been three marriage proposals uploaded onto the screen.

“The recently upgraded huge digital display on the 50-yard line of the Crossroads of the World is now networked. The cool part about it is that you control when it shows up”, said Kodak Director, Brand Communications and New Media Tom Hoehn.