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Convention and Expo Centers have one of the most complex and time intensive jobs when it comes to promoting events within their venue. As digital screens expand throughout the venue (and even outside) it can be a full-time job just to keep them updated with the right information at the right time to the right audience. As new events come in on literally a daily basis, you need a platform that can reduce work and increase efficiency. 

AerWave's robust content management platform allows convention centers to control every screen at the venue from a single cloud-based user interface. Built in tools also take the trouble out of scheduling in advance, allowing custom rules to be set based on each individual piece of content and how and where it should be delivered. No longer is it necessary to develop hundreds of playlists, it can now be down much easier with tools designed to reduce your team's workload. Additional integrations with dynamic data (social media, traffic, news, etc.) can further enhance your signage platform for all visitors and patrons at your venue. 


top features for Expo Centers


Allows for simple deployment and 24/7 back up of network. 


Secured with SSL encryption, while providing firewall friendly players. 


Add RSS, News, Weather, Sports and other live data feeds. 

Why DO Convention & Expo Centers choose aerwave?

AerWave is the tried and proven solution for managing content on your network of digital screens. Whether you have LED marquess signs, LCDs, video walls or touch screens, it can all be controlled through the same platform. There is no need to switch back and forth between programs to control your screens.  AerWave is designed to deliver ease of use on the front end, while delivering a robust back end that supports advanced playlist rules, meta-data tagging, and data integrations. All of this can be set up to increase your efficiency and allow you to spend less time scheduling and managing content. 

networks we power

The Boston Convention Center uses AerWave to power all of their venue's digital screens. 


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