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Passengers and visitors rely on public information displays. They need to know where they are going, what time their flight or train leaves, and have the ability to see or hear emergency messaging clearly. Digital screens are quickly replacing paper and static graphics in public venues like transit centers, stadiums and museums. When individuals need information in public spaces they turn to digital screens even before their mobile devices. 

At Aerva, we know that managing these public information networks means more than just putting up train schedules. These networks require a high level of security to protect their network, while simultaneously allowing for the integration of multiple real-time data feeds. This challenge is at the heart of why many public and event spaces turn to Aerva to power their digital information networks. 

Digital Signage Software at Airports and Transit Stations
Passenger Information Displays at Airports and Transit Venues

top features


Control LCDs and LED screens from the same user interface.


Add RSS, News, Weather, Sports and other live data feeds. 


Easily add new digital screens as you network grows in size.

why do transit venues and public spaces choose aerwave? 

Transit venues and public spaces continue to choose Aerva to power their digital signage networks because of our reliability and the simple integration of real-time data feeds. In the digital age, travelers, passengers, and patrons of public events expect up to the minute information on all digital devices. Their phones are often the first place they turn, but limited cell service makes the digital screens the quickest and easiest place for them to get information. 

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