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Financial Institutions are quickly adding digital signage to their branch locations to both communicate to their banking customers, along with using digital screens as a way to talk to employees before and after the branch locations are open. During opening hours, the digital screens are used to display live data, like interest rates, on the displays in addition to promotions that are currently being run. This digital medium is a powerful tool that can be used to engage banking customers as they come into branch locations.

The digital screens continue to be used as a vehicle to share important company information to employees before the work day starts. Management can distribute weekly videos to the organization, HR can inform employees of new policies, and the employees can be trained on new product offerings that are being released soon. Adding digital screens to financial institutions continues to become an important component of the overall marketing, branding, and communication effort. 

Aerva Digital Signage Software at Banking and Financial Institutions

Top Software Features for financial institutions


Easily add new digital screens as you network grows in size. 


Secured under current industry standard encryption, while providing firewall friendly players. 


Manage every display type in your network from one user interface. 

why do financial institutions choose aerva?

AerWave is a powerful software platform that meets the security needs or banking institutions, while also providing the tools that marketing requires to simply deliver their messaging to branch locations. Aerva's mix of usability with the back-end infrastructure create a balance that makes the organization feel comfortable implementing for their growing digital networks.  

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