Auckland Museum Selects Aerva to Drive Museum Video Wall and Patron Communications

Auckland Museum, established in 1852, and attracting 700,000 isitor yearly to this iconic New Zealand site, is well-known for the quality of its displays and visitor interface.

Recently the museum installed informative digital displays for visitors and also added a 16-panel video wall, both powered by Aerva’s technology and installed by NGage Media of New Zealand.

The museum wanted to create a very attractive and inviting space to a complement its excellent collection. Real-time information for visitors with lobby displays and immersive, massive video walls were all driven by AerWave softwaredeveloped by Aerva, Inc.

“Our main priorities were price point, advertising potential, flexibility and ease-of-use,” says marketing executive Andrew Wright.

Ngage recommended the museum use state-of-the-art AerWave software for its fully web-based digital signage platform that allows for real-time data feeds and supports the use of many different media options – video, audio, images, Flash files and more.

Content can be modified and updated by staff (the software is very user friendly), enabling up-to-the-minute information to be disseminated directly to visitors.

Security was another priority for the museum and found Aerva’s solution to be the best in the industry. The museum installed eight large information screens behind ticket desks, frequently updated with information pertinent to the visiting public.

“Our marketing team uses the screens for pricing display and descriptions of various packages available for purchase by our visitors,” says Andrew Wright.

In the southern entrance/atrium a 16-screen video wall is used to share imagery about the museum’s programmes, exhibitions and events, as well as graphics for commercial events.

“Auckland Museum has raised the bar for all museums and visitor destinations with their use of immersive content on very large video walls and creative layout of screens. Aerva is proud to provide our powerful software that integrates real-time data and social media with any type content on any type of displays,” explained Sanjay Manandhar, CEO of Aerva, Inc.