US Navy Awards Aerva, Inc. Additional Contracts for Digital Signage

The US Navy awarded two contracts to Aerva, Inc., a leading provider of digital signage software, to launch a base-wide network of digital displays for internal communications at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport, Rhode Island. NUWC, which has over 5730 civil servant and contractors employed at its Newport location, licensed Aerva technology to manage content on 40-inch and 46-inch LCD displays on its vast campus. NUWC also licensed Aerva server technology that is integrated with the Navy Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI) network and conforms to the Navy’s server, Information Assurance (IA) security policy and other technology requirements.

In 2009, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) in Hawaii also awarded Aerva contracts for shipyard video information and digital signage system on a network of 46 inch LCD screens placed in public areas, cafeteria, mechanic sheds and other shipyard locations. PHNSY is a regional maintenance center for the U.S. Navy’s submarines and surface ships and employees 4500 personnel.

The US Navy selected Aerva technology after multiple years of testing, obtaining proper approvals and other due diligence. NUWC is pleased that the Aerva system is 100% browser-based, conforms to the NAVY’s IA, server reduction and other policies. NUWC wanted to dramatically increase the Division’s awareness of key initiatives, timely command activities, and important internal communications.

Aerva’s flagship product for digital signage, AerWave, is a powerful software platform that allows the creation of customized, interactive display networks all accessible via any browser and connected securely to servers. AerWave gives its customers like the US Navy total control over multiple warfare centers, shipyards and offices, departments and even projects and individual users’ the ability to manage content, schedule them in one or many screens, and display dynamic messaging like RSS, weather, or enterprise data. Thus Aerva enables the US Navy to manage an increasingly scalable, secure and robust network screens in any location and any country.