Aerva’s Pic2Screen in Times Square used for Interactive Diabetes Awareness Campaign

Advocates of diabetes awareness month have sent hundreds of photos to the Kodak Billboard in Times Square by emailing a photo to Aerva’s Pic2Screen technology has a web based moderation engine that allows rapid acceptance or rejection of photos.

The system sends back a trigger code to all users whose photos are accepted for public display. The trigger code is texted by users to display their own photos on the billboard at the time of their choosing. Pic2Screen, which includes a feature to post a caption to the photo in the “Subject:” line of the email was effectively used by the Diabetes advocates to send messages of healthier lifestyles, date of first diagnosis, and wishes for a cure.

“For anyone who attended this event last year, they know that this was an extremely emotional day as we stood in the middle of Times Square in New York City as people living with diabetes in a positive way from all over the world sent their pictures to the Kodak screen to help raise awareness of diabetes.”
– Noah’s Story (