Aerva Wins Gold in Digital ScreenMedia Crown Awards for Interactive Campaign of Taco Bell Product Launch

The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) has announced the winners for the DSA Crown Awards, which recognizes excellence in digital out-of-home content.

Aerva’s software platform, AerWave, for social media and digital out-of-home was used to kick-off a 5-week Taco Bell campaign to allow users to send their picture to the digital billboard in Times Square, NY. Taco Bell’s team also uses Aerva’s moderation engine to filter photos.

Acceptable pictures of users’ expressions when they taste the new product, Cool Ranch Doritos Taco, with Twitter hashtag #wow and #coolranchdlt or #duh #coolranchdlt are viewed and approved for display on the Clear Channel digital billboard.

The DSA Crown Awards ceremony was held at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square in New York on Nov. 6 following the first day of Customer Engagement Technology World.