Digital signage software without limits

Any Display Type

Any display Type

LCD or LED, any resolution, custom aspect ratios. 

Any Size Network

any size Network

Manage 1 to 100,000 screens, scale up as needed. 

Any Location

any location

Manage content and displays from anywhere.  

content MANAGEMENT FOR your application

At the backbone of every great digital signage network is a powerful CMS that can easily push content across the network, integrate dynamic data feeds, and offers a superior level of security. 

AerWave, Aerva's content management solution, will provide the back end infrastructure and advanced management tools to power any digital signage network. 

power for every digital signage user

AerWave CMS philosophy

Aerva's software platform powers digital signage networks across the globe. We believe that great signage software will facilitate engagement with individuals at every digital screen location. AerWave was created to achieve this mission by giving organizations the ability to power any screen, from any location, no matter the size of the network.