Mobile Interactivity Provided by Aerva at PAX East to Benefit Charity

Aerva has developed a mobile application for PAX East that ran during Sunday’s Parenting panel “How Young Is Too Young For Games?” (3-4pm, CAT theater). The application lets the audience interact with the large projection screen on stage via SMS while also donating money towards Child’s Play charity. The organization, with Aerva’s help, benefits Boston Children’s Hospital.

During the panel the audience text in answers to a question related to the talk and see results live on the screen. The audience texts (standard rates apply) facilitate a fundraiser for the Child’s Play charity. For every text sent in, Aerva donates $5 towards Child’s Play. Aerva enables real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications and digital display networks (outdoor, place-based or enterprise). is a parenting and games site, and the organizer of this talk.

“Aerva’s interactive text-to-screen display was a huge hit with both the audience and the panelists! The widget on the screen was super-easy to understand and use and we were thrilled with the response. I was also very happy with every stage of working with Aerva; the professionalism and creative problem-solving of their team made the entire process a delight.” -Jason Wiser, Moderator “How Young Is Too Young For Games” PAX East 2012

Jason Wiser [Creative Director, Yaya Play] Dave Schlafman [Creative Director, CloudKid], Naomi Greenfield [Director of Marketing/ Creative Strategist, FableVision], Eric Hardman [Director of Digital Marketing, Games/Preschool, Hasbro], Traci Lawson [Game Designer, Arkadium], Scott Traylor [Chief KID, 360KID], Dave McMahon [Art Director, 360KID], Scot Osterweil [Creative Director, MIT Education Arcade]