Beats by Dre takes over Times Square with Aerva Technology

The Beats by Dre campaign ran throughout Times Square for a full day allowing anybody a chance to get their photo taken with the stylish headphones and then shown on all sides of the famous landmark via multiple digital billboards.

User photos with Beats headphones were submitted from 6 photobooths, erected in the middle of Times Square for the “takeover campaign.” Aerva’s Pic2Screen application received all the submissions and automatically placed the Beats logo colors and the user’s single-word caption and displayed the photos of people on the American Eagle and two ClearChannel billboards.

The Aerva system automatically schedules the real-time, user-generated content on all 3 billboards, and creates enough randomization in display of photos to create an enthralling, urban space that is consistent with the energy of the Beats brand and the #showyourcolor campaign.

Aerva’s moderation engine was used to ensure quality control of what was shown on these large public displays.

“The NYC Beats Army came out to Times Square on 10/16 to show their
color and get on the big screen. Now it’s your turn to #showyourcolor.
Head to for your chance fly to LA, meet Dr. Dre,
get on TV and b famous.”