AerWave 4.7 Release

Aerva launches AerWave v4.7 with performance enhancements, improved reporting features, and scheduling customizations that allow advertising and entertainment display networks to be managed more easily. The AerWave update coincides with its beta removal, following a year of widespread usage by high profile brands and display network customers in many markets and geographies.

AerWave makes it simple to administer display networks and frees up operators to focus on running their businesses. The alerts feature has been revamped to indicate a greater variety of network situations to the user, which can help improve reliability for large networks. The ability to view live screenshots from any player means operators can quickly achieve visual confidence of the operation of the network.

Aerva cloud infrastructure has also been upgraded to facilitate the hosting of even larger networks. Our enterprise customers will welcome the ability to easily control thousands of displays using any browser running our secure web application, which supports granular user authentication and multiple subnetwork control.