Aerva software powers Philadelphia’s first digital billboard

Cloud-based digital media platform drives beautiful media & ads atop the rebranded Lits Building (known as Mellon Independence Center)

Aerva, a leading software platform for managing dynamic content across digital media channels, today announced they’ve partnered with A2aMEDIA to drive Philadelphia’s first advertising-friendly digital billboard, located on Market Street East. This unique, 5,000-square-foot dual-display will provide an aesthetic upgrade to the property and result in high-impact advertising opportunities for a variety of local, regional and national businesses and providing alternative revenues to the city as well. Straddling the corner of 7th and 8th Streets at 701 East Market Street, the high-profile media installation offers a modern yet iconic cornerstone to revitalized East Market Street.

Using Aerva’s leading-edge Cloud software, advertisers can engage their customers through creative and beautiful real-time, dynamic and interactive content to maximize the installation’s regional impact and relevancy to consumers. From a network management perspective, Aerva’s platform also enables easy management of the content workflow to monitor and update the screens – anytime and from anywhere and recover real-time proof-of-performance.

“We are thrilled to a have a prominent building like the rebranded Lits Building as our first-ever retail/office venue installation,” said Andrew Melton, president of A2aMEDIA. “The application of this unique technology will transform this already remarkable building into an icon of architectural and digital media harmony.”

“Digital media for architectural enhancement is a powerful channel for engaging audiences and revitalizing a neighborhood. In addition to beautiful content, incremental advertising revenues, on a state-of-the-art screen like this will make a significant impact in this community and become a well-known landmark throughout Philadelphia,” said Sanjay Manandhar, Founder and CEO of Aerva. “More property owners are starting to realize the untapped potential of using digital display networks for increasing efficiency in managing their assets as well as creatively engaging their customers.”