Aerva Shares In-Store Marketing Solutions for Digital Retail Networks, Contextual Commerce and Consumer Engagement at Ad:Tech New York

An emerging trend on the minds of most retail marketers this year at Ad:Tech New York was the evolution of in-store consumer engagement strategies. Technology platforms that allow marketers to effectively drive revenue at retail are in great demand as mobile devices continue to close the gap between digital experiences and physical environments.

The use of mobile interactivity, proximity marketing and digital displays facilitates Contextual Commerce, where consumers receive timely and relevant communications at various stages through the purchase cycle, including at the point of display or purchase.

As a leader in integrating dynamic and interactive content across digital retail channels, Aerva was invited to join the panel discussion on Contextual Commerce within the eRetail track.

“Aerva is all about enabling Contextual Commerce. Our platform helps retail brands engage customers by combining retail displays with mobile, social and digital channels.” said Scott Cronin, VP of Interactive Solutions & Marketing at Aerva.“Marketers are truly excited about the customer engagement potential of technologies like creative digital displays, beacon technology, dynamic pricing, digital price tags, and the infusion of mobile interactivity, social channels and UGC into the in-store shopping experience. Clients have seen significant revenue sales lift occur by embracing these technologies. We’re forecasting the in-store marketing channel to see explosive growth in the next few years.“

In addition to the panel discussion, Aerva presented on the NEXT Stage and exhibited in the NEXT Feature Area, which is dedicated to showcasing creative marketing and cutting-edge technologies. Within this highly experiential section of the expo floor, Aerva showcased their in-store marketing suite of solutions including a working (and stocked!) Budweiser Digital Cooler, beacon-enabled customer-specific onscreen messaging, moderated Pic2Screen and Video2screen capabilities and their large-scale cloud-enables retail network management platform.