Aerva Interactivity for Clear Channel France at the University of MEDEF

Clear Channel and Aerva created buzz around Play Totem, a 65 inch LCD portrait mode display, at a recent event in France at University of MEDEF. Aerva developed a digital application to survey business leaders on the theme of “business and digital.”

The questions were administered via iPad tablets and the results reported in real time on the Play Totem display. In partnership with MEDEF web teams, Clear Channel also broadcasted live Twitter messages containing #uemedef12 using Aerva’s AerTweet technology.

The interactive elements on the Play Totem display were controlled by Aerva applications, represented by the company’s French partner O’Services.

Results of the surveys show that business leaders are now aware of the digital revolution they must undertake. In fact, 90% of employers surveyed indicate that new technologies are changing their communication strategy. Most of them (72%) say they have already integrated digital communication campaigns in a systematic way.

In addition, the switch to digital is undoubtedly an accelerator of competitiveness, growth and jobs for all industrial sectors and services. And nearly half (46%) of business leaders surveyed said they had created new jobs through the development of digital innovations.