Aerva Activates the Boston Wine Expo

BWE was Able to Socially Activate Their Event, Engage Attendees, and Promote Their Sponsors Using Aerva’s Real Time Social Media Integration

Aerva and the Boston Wine Expo teamed up to socially activate and engage audiences at the 2016 Boston Wine Expo, the 25th anniversary of the event. Aerva’s cloud software powered the big screens at New England’s largest food and wine festival.

The two screens in the venue displayed advertisements, user-generated content from Expo attendees, and photos of the wines that were “trending” in popularity throughout the event. By integrating with the event partner’s, Drync, mobile commerce platform for wine, Aerva was able to display the wine actual users were scanning, drinking and enjoying during the two-day event.

The Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center hosted the sold-out event where wine lovers could sample an array of wines, watch demonstrations by some of Boston’s best chefs, and attend seminars on a variety of topics. Using the hashtag #BWE2016, attendees shared their pictures from the event on Twitter and Instagram which were then shared on the screens using AerWave.

“We needed something that would allow us to promote our sponsors, provide visual interest and to integrate real-time social media feeds,” said Craig Cunningham, the Vice President of Marketing at Seaport Companies.
Though they had never used this type of technology for an event, the Boston Wine Expo chose Aerva because the real-time social media feeds helped animate the displays to engage the attendees.
“Both our sponsors and consumers on the show floor noticed and liked the large screens and the content,” Cunningham said.

BWE’s goal in using Twitter and Instagram was to spur buzz around the event outside the venue as well as engage the audience at the event by showing their pictures on the screen.
Additionally, BWE used AerWave to broadcast event schedules and content from their sponsors.