Aerva widgets


The Aerva platform features a rich set of widgets for digital signage, allowing you to easily incorporate a number of dynamic feeds. Quickly add in social media posts, live traffic maps, news and other pre-built widgets, or utilize the Aerva API to build beautiful web-based widgets to be used in any of your digital signage programs. 



Brands, corporations and universities all seek to connect with their audience in authentic ways. Aerva gives organizations the ability for a deep level of engagement through the integration of social media feeds onto digital signage networks. This creates a deeper connection with the audience and provides a more public platform to display social content via digital displays.


Utilize aggregation tools

Pull in content from aggregation sources like Tagboard and Stackla, or utilize the multi-feed widget to bring in social content from multiple sources. With these powerful widgets, you can bring your omni-channel strategy to all of your digital screens. 



Never worry about content that does not meet your brand standards. Moderate social messages that come from hashtags or users outside your trusted network. Easily view images, text and usernames to approve and send to your digital screen.

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news, weather & traffic

Supply your audience with up to the minute information displayed through your signage network. Utilize dynamic widgets to post pertinent information to your audience like live weather and up-to-the minute news and traffic maps. This is a great tools for university campuses, employee communication networks and even convention centers. 

stream live events & video

Streaming content is becoming a valuable medium to reach audiences, visitors and even employees. With AerWave's streaming widget you can now integrate your streaming feeds directly into your digital signage program and display within any region on your digital screen. 

With the streaming widget, you have full control of how your video gets output onto your digital screen, as well as a deep level of customizibility for your screen regions. 

display dynamic webpages

Transform any region of your digital display to show a live webpage - whether this is internal dashboards or customized pages for digital signage, you will be able to insert all of this into specific regions of a program of have it span across your entire digital screen. 

Widgets designed and built by your team

It's easy to build your own custom widgets with AerWave. Fully develop, design and customize your own dynamic widgets to play within programs and regions on your digital screens. Pull content and data from outside source, or connect with internal streams for secure internal communications. 

aB-INBev creates dynamic pricing widget

Anheuser-Busch retailers and distributors wanted the ability to customize the content on their in-store digital screens. Doing so would enable them to display day-parted and local content to better inform, engage their customers and provide a superior shopping experience, and - most importantly - increase sales. To achieve this, Aerva solved this by creating a custom Dynamic Pricing Widget that allows authorized users to change the messaging or pricing based on their location, time of day or week, or supply cycle of product from distribution.