updates for aerwave 4.9.8+


In the interest of continually listening to our customers and providing benefits to new and existing customers, Aerva has released the latest update to AerWave software platform, v4.9.8+.  This update primarily affects the graphical user interface (GUI) to make it more intuitive and assist the workflow of power users; some minor changes to the server-side efficiencies were also enabled to provide even more speedup to various operations. Details include:

  • Batch content drag-and-drop. It has always been possible to drag pieces of content to the Program timeline or into a Playlist. But now all tagged content can be dragged in with a single operation. For campaigns with hundreds of pieces of content, drag-n-drop is reduced to the single drag-in, saving considerable time and reducing human error.
    • Program adds all tagged content by dragging tag to timeline
    • Playlist adds all tagged content by dragging tag to playlist
  • Default program size now set to 1920x1080. Since most customers use this canvas size as their default they do not need to scroll down looking for this 1080p canvas.
  • Calendar improvements. For customers using Calendars to manage very complex scheduling, visual feedback of overlapping calendars now reduces unwanted results. Also expiration of an element is in more granular units in Calendars, not just in Programs.
  • Playlist improvements. This improvement reduces button clicks so power users can achieve complicated operations in very few, intuitive steps.
  • Changed default sort for most tables to use Last Modified time (newest first), so it is easy to identify recent work rather than having to use the Search box.
  • Added Uploader warning info for duplicate file names, so unwanted effects can be reduced.
  • Added option to specify start/end time in Preview and Play Count so that the granularity can be into minutes and seconds, not just days and hours.




AerWave is a powerful content management tool for digital signage networks of all sizes. Our cloud-based software gives digital networks the ability to scale as needed, while simultaneously providing 24/7 remote back-up of the network. AerWave was designed with a clean UI for ease of use, and built with all the tools and back-end functionality that the largest and most secure digital signage networks require.

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