Built for digital signage networks

Networks of digital screens require advanced feature sets and integrated content management tools in order to securely and reliably push content. They must be able to incorporate dynamic data that is location specific, and easily group different screens with domains. Whether the network is 2 screens or 2,000, you must understand what level of performance and control is necessary to manage your digital signage network. 


intuitive + functional

Not all CMS platforms are equal, yet it is often difficult to differentiate the platforms from first look. Some offer well designed interfaces, but don't provide much back end functionality or flexibility. Others are highly automated, yet can only be managed by highly-trained IT staff. AerWave is different, bringing together back-end performance with an intuitive user interface. 


Performance matters

Understand what features are required for your platform and whether you can automate redundant tasks. AerWave is an enterprise-level solution, yet offers the ease of use required for smaller networks of screens. 

  • Dynamic Data Widgets
  • Video Output Options
  • Content Acceptance
  • Screen Type Flexibility
  • Unlimited Regions
  • Content Reporting


Every digital signage application is different so AerWave has been built to serve as a multi-application signage CMS. AerWave's customizable and rich feature set allow it to be utilized by a number of various industries and in a diverse number of venues. 

No matter the use case or screen type of your digital signage project, AerWave has the tools and functionality to meet your needs. 

Tools for every Signage network


Get a view of the entire network from a single user interface and even see live screenshots of each screen.  


Easily run content and player reporting to gain better insights into the network and to show proof of play. 


Control LCDs and LED screens from the same place, making network management even easier. 


Optimize your playlists by creating smart schedules that can play content at the right time and place. 


Manage displays across the globe through the cloud-based interface.