Interactive Campaigns

Aerva’s platform easily and safely integrates social and user-generated content into marketing campaigns.

Outdoor Campaigns


creative design

Widget Development


1:1 Consumer Engagement

We integrate social media, UCG, and mobile interactivity allowing brands to connect one-to-one with their customers …. and their customers to experience campaigns.

Tying together Paid, Owned & Earned Media

Technology and execution partner for incorporating social and mobile interactivity into campaigns across OOH, websites and social channels.

Digital audience engagement

Through social integration, Polling, Gaming, Pic2Screen, etc. Aerva facilitates active participation on-site and online – pre-, during and post- events.

Interactive Apps

A suite of creative mobile and social media widgets providing easy and safe extension of brands to a global audience.


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Aerva Widgets

Dynamic, user-generated content to displays.

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