Display Networks

AerWave is an easy-to-use, web-based platform for managing and scheduling content on networked displays, with integration for social media, real-time data feeds, and mobile interactivity. It features robust content management, easy scheduling, and a powerful network operations system that is served from Aerva’s Cloud services.






In-store marketing to customers

Aerva’s cloud-based technology allows central as well as distributed control of video content, real-time data, and dynamic pricing of the products displayed in stores. Social media and customer generated content are playing a major role in the way today’s retailers engage and maintain their loyal customer base and attract new customers.

Aerva Powers Network of 2,000 Retail-based Screens for World’s Largest Beer Company

Turn your campus center into an info center

Higher education institutions of all sizes are turning to digital displays to create centralized information centers for their employees and students. The web-based AerWave software allows easy management and scheduling of content across multiple locations for menu boards, digital messaging to students, libraries, departments, alumni center, athletic facilities, and more.

Easy Ways for Higher Education to Utilize Digital Signage

Digital displays for information and announcements

Beyond having a recognizable logo you want to ensure all employees are your branding extension . Better communication inside an organization is associated with improved employee performance, satisfaction and retention.

Internal Communications: Modern Channels to Engage Employees

Integrate social media, UCG, and mobile interactivity

In today’s “always-connected” world, it’s increasingly true that fan-driven social media campaigns are leaving the biggest impressions. Businesses that engage customers and allow them to scream from the social media rooftops will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Beats by Dre Takes Over Times Square

Aerva Widgets

Dynamic, user-generated content to displays.

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