AerWave is an easy-to-use, web-based platform for managing and scheduling content on networked displays, with integration for social media, real-time data feeds, and mobile interactivity. It features robust content management, easy scheduling, and a powerful network operations system that is served from Aerva’s Cloud services.

Social media, mobile inputs, as well as real-time data (corporate, internet and user-generated content) are easy to integrate using a drag-n-drop interface. The innovative technology allows campaigns to easily run on multiple platforms including web, mobile, digital signage networks, and digital out of home.


Easy-To-Use Interface

All you need is a web browser to manage your digital displays (all browsers are supported). The drag-n-drop interface is intuitive and gets you up and running quickly.

Cloud Server

Server hosting with Aerva Cloud and Software-as-a-Service offering. All of your content is hosted on Aerva’s Cloud servers, along with the management interface. There’s no need to buy and maintain server hardware or other resources.


Aerva’s digital signage solutions employ media players to drive your content on displays. Aerva’s player software is hardware agnostic; any PC can be used as a media player. Aerva can also provide media players via global partners that suit your needs- from convenient small-form-factor PCs to full rack-mount systems. Aerva media players are highly secure, as the software is based on the Linux OS. If necessary, it is also possible to use a virtual machine as a media player.
AerWave supports all browsers so you can manage your network and campaigns from anywhere, any device.

Whether you are a content creator, network manager, advertiser or marketing manager all your information can be manipulated and viewed via your browser.

AerWave user-interface is browser-based and supports full direct manipulation as well as WYSIWYG.

Whether you are making quick changes or heavy design, featureful timeline and layout editor will make managing your network or your campaign a breeze.

Any Content
AerWave supports many different content types and gives you the ability to mix-and-match for maximum effect

Videos (MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, H.264), Audio (MP3, WAV), Images (JPEG, GIF, PNG), Flash files, External websites, Live TV/Video Input (PAL, NTSC). Special content types called Playlists, allow you to create small segments of mixed media to be reused in many different programs. Playlists can play in order, shuffle and can also normalized audio levels for videos and audio content.

Any Layout
Change the look from full-window to multiple subwindows (also called zones) along the same timeline

Each subwindow has its own timeline and its own layer. Easily bring attention to a temporary messaging by posting a top layer subwindow (e.g. ad promotions, security alerts) for maximum effect.

Powerful Scheduler
Use the Playlist and let the system schedule for you or use full Drag-n-Drop to schedule pieces of content assets on the timeline

Move assets around by simply manipulating them. Graphical media scheduler allows unlimited control over time and recurrence using standard calendaring interface so managing dayparts is easy. Recurrence, exceptions, end-by-date are all part of a powerful scheduler to make your life easy.

Any Size Network
Start with a single screen in a single network or thousands of screens in multiple networks (or domains).

Commissioning/decommissioning of players is easy and web-based.

Industry-standard SSL encryption.

The players, the servers/data storage and the transmissions between systems are all secured using industry-standard SSL encryption. The players are also firewall-friendly so the network can be rolled out in any size organization.

Network Management
Aerva takes care of server hosting and network management so you don’t have to.

Fully virtualized, cloud computing infrastructure with low latency and high available ilight for unlimited number of players and users with 24×7 backup of data.

Optionally, customers that wish to host their own servers may license AerChannel server, which can also run on virtual servers like VMware.

Remote Upgradability
Automatic bug fixes and feature upgrades can be distributed to the entire network.

You won’t have to visit each venue.
All minor version upgrades are free.

Flexible Hardware Options
AerWave is hardware agnostic.

Hence, our player software can run on many different types of hardware (from small form-factor appliances to rackmount system). Hardware partners image Aerva software and drop-ship to any location in the world.

Every hardware includes Linux operating system, security software and Aerva’s own player software—all you need to do is give it power, internet access and connection to a screen. Players can connect to the Cloud via wired Ethernet, wireless LAN, mobile data cards or can even operate without connectivity.

Multi User
AerWave user-interface is browser-based and supports full direct manipulation as well as WYSIWYG.

Whether you are making quick changes or heavy design, featureful timeline and layout editor will make managing your network or your campaign a breeze.

AerWave has a very powerful web-based reporting capability

Whether you need audit trails for what content ran where, when or you need mobile activity report or picture upload results from Pic2Screen type widgets, AerWave has a very powerful web-based reporting capability. Also download CSV file format for any future post-processing.

RS232 Control
Control your screens themselves using RS232 control, all done remotely via the browser.

Turn on certain screens or the entire network of screens are certain times, turn off at given times, mute audio, disable buttons on the screens, all these features provided by the screen manufacturer is available to you via the browser. This mechanism also allows you to monitor screen health in real-time.

Player Screenshots
You can monitor some or all your screens at various intervals.

If you want confidence of what the screens are showing the end users, player screenshots is the feature for you. You can monitor some or all your screens at various intervals from a few seconds to many minutes.

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Aerva Widgets

Dynamic, user-generated content to displays.

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