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Yahoo! - Corporate Event
Yahoo! - Interaction with programs on screen

Interaction with programs on screen

Yahoo! - Examples from programs. Twitter, Pic2Screen, Ads and Poll2Screen

Examples from programs. Twitter, Pic2Screen, Ads and Poll2Screen

Yahoo Corporate Event

Yahoo! wanted to engage, entertain and inform its top advertising clients with an unforgettable corporate event showcasing innovative applications spanning mobile, social media and digital out-of-home.


Yahoo! needed to activate an important corporate event within a few weeks and allow its VIP guests to participate and also coordinate the messaging and interactivity with a number of large LCDs and projection systems at a private estate in Santa Barbara, CA.


Aerva creative design and interactive architects worked with Yahoo events and design folks to create an unforgettable experience for the advertising VIP clients. AerWave Digital signage engine was used to drive all displays and projectors on-site and AerWave also managed all the Yahoo-branded content and melded them with Aerva Widgets including Txt2Screen, Mobile Sweepstakes and Flickr and YouTube widgets. The entire system was connected to Aerva Cloud computing backend with event day backups.


The VIP clients with high sophistication in mobile and social media were highly engaged customers and commended Yahoo! on an innovative event. It was a great exposure of Yahoo! Brands like Flickr and Y! Mobile and the mashups on digitals screens at the event.

"Aerva's offering was the perfect technology to showcase real-time mobile and social networking interactivity, interspersed with our custom Flash and other assets."

Pia Welch

Events Manager, Yahoo!

"The Yahoo LA advertising event was a huge success and the audience loved the dynamic content aspects – text-to-screen and the immediacy of seeing the party pictures!"

Lynn Arno

Director, Events at Yahoo!

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